Giulia Fortunato

Amministratore Unico | Managing Director

Giulia has over 5 years’ experience in the field of external relations, communications and organisation both at home and abroad.
For some years she worked for the Fondazione Golinelli representing it also in the Group for Correct Information and Communication about Biosecurity and Biotechnologies on the National Committee for Biosecurity and Biotechnologies of the Italian Cabinet.
In 2006 she was one of the founding partners of ComunicaMente snc.
In 2011 she set up CMS.Cultura – ComunicaMente Servizi per la Cultura srl – of which she is Sole Director and which perfectly reflects her aspirations.
In Italy and abroad she has been a speaker at universities and conferences. She is a member of the Consilium in the Venice Ca’ Foscari University Department of Management.
She is the mother of Dario, Agata and Marta.

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