LEE MILLER MAN RAY fashion, love, war

The exhibition is produced and organised by CMS.Cultura in collaboration with ACP-Palazzo Franchetti

fashion, love, war
Palazzo Franchetti, Venice

5 November 2022 – 10 April 2023
curated by Victoria Noel-Johnson

I’d rather take a picture than be one
(Lee Miller)



Model, photographer, muse, the first female war correspondent to report the horrors of the concentration camps liberated by American troops, and twentieth-century icon. Lee Miller was all this and much more.  She went through life with passion and determination and life repaid her with love and friends, but also with pain and posthumous, or at least tardy, acknowledgement. An exhibition will now do justice to this woman as beautiful as she was clever and talented, taking her out of Man Ray’s overpowering shadow, to reveal a deep but complicated relationship more objectively: Man Ray, first her teacher, then lover, and in the end friend.

The exhibition Lee Miller – Man Ray. Fashion, love, war is curated by Victoria Noel-Johnson and produced and organised by CMS.Cultura in collaboration with ACP-Palazzo Franchetti, with the patronage of Venice Municipality, which has included it in its events for “Le città in Festa”, main sponsor Gruppo Unipol, and presents approximately 140 photographs by Lee Miller and Man Ray, a collection of objets d’art and video documents, loaned by Lee Miller Archives and Fondazione Marconi.

In the exclusive prestigious venue of Palazzo Franchetti, Venice, 5 November to 10 April 2023, visitors will at last have the opportunity to fully appreciate the qualities of this important photographer, and her contribution to photography, not only as Man Ray’s muse, but above all as a professional in her own right.  Indeed, many often forget that she was the one who quite by chance discovered the solarisation technique and inspired Man Ray to use it as his artistic signature, for which he became famous.

This event therefore sets out to pay suitable homage to Lee Miller, pioneer of surrealism in photography, placing her on a par with Man Ray, whose work tended to overshadow her both during her lifetime and after.  The exhibition opens with a diptych by Lee Miller and Man Ray (Man Ray, self-portrait, 1931 and Man Ray, Lee Miller, 1929) and continues in chronological order by theme.


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