Organization and production by Fondazione Golinelli,
with the support of CMS.Cultura

20 November 2019 – 9 April 2020
Bologna, Centro Arti e Scienze Golinelli

Curated by: Andrea Zanotti, with Silvia Evangelisti, Carlo Fiorini, Stefano Zuffi

Fondazione Golinelli project presents the theme of the hand in its historical and cultural hubs, which range from the Renaissance to the contemporary, with a look at the challenges of the future, on display the hands, which refer to the thought back to the origins of humanity and to the development of language, of symbolism and technology, they are the first tool thanks to which we learn, experimenting through error and formalizing procedures through the drafting of algorithms.

The masters of the past dialogue with the present through installations, augmented reality experiences, rematerializations, applied robotic innovations and interactive workstations. From Caravaggio to Guercino, from Carracci to Pistoletto, visitors make a unique and unrepeatable journey through past, present and future. The reflection on the theme of the hand thus makes it possible to investigate the role of Man in a present dominated by technology.

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